How You Can Live Better with Diabetes;
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Diabetes is MORE than a disease of  blood sugar levels. 
It is essentially, at the very core,
a disease of CELLULAR sugar levels.

Your quality of Life changes when cells are able to once again process glucose normally -
and  your body can then begin to heal on it's own.  Even serious complications of diabetes can often be improved;


Give your body the chance to heal itself.

  • Retinopathy (eye disease) and Blindness

  • Neuropathy (nerve damage) or Hand and Foot Numbness

  • Poor Wound Healing and Diabetic Ulcers leading to Amputation

  • Kidney Problems

  • Cardiovascular Problems

  • Low Energy/Depression

  • Sleeplessness


 The DMRT process delivers tiny bursts of insulin into the body that mimics normal pancreas activity.  
As insulin courses through the body in mini-doses it stimulates a normal process at the cellular level. 
This occurs in one hour periods of intravenous infusions administered in the clinic. 


Diabetes is primarily a disease of low cellular sugar.  
This is actually WHY you have fluctuating blood sugar levels.

The pancreas sends short BURSTS of insulin to the liver.  This enables the liver to create the right enzymes cells need to create energy from glucose.   Insulin is the hormone that delivers sugar inside the cell.   Because cells are starved for sugar, they signal the brain for more sugar.  This creates a loop of cells crying for sugar, the brain sends sugar, but the cells can't use the sugar.  

DMRT is a diabetes protocol breakthrough
because it does what a shot or a pill simply CAN’T do. 

DMRT is all about how the insulin is used in your body.  It breaks that loop.  Using a pill or a shot to deliver insulin will slowly raise insulin levels in your body.  But that isn’t the natural way your body produces insulin.  DMRT mimics what a healthy pancreas does.  

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It all has to do with ENERGY.

And the powerhouse of every cell
in the body is a Mitochondria.

Glucose is energy for the body and brain. 

A normal pancreas works with the liver to produce enzymes and the signals needed to create energy, known as ATP  (adenosine triphosate). 

Cells need energy to heal. 

Once mitochondria are activated with the right enzymes to create energy again, cells can recharge and start to heal themselves.

ultimate Irony of the Pancreas

While DMRT stimulates the liver to deliver key enzymes for ATP energy for cells, it simply can’t cure the broken pancreas.   
It is a pancreas-to-liver relationship that can’t flow from liver-to-pancreas.


Life Changing Improvements

Patients suffering diabetic complications such as neuropathy report immediate symptom alleviation with most reporting major improvements within the first few weeks of their treatment process

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"I told the doctor to send me home to die.
Then I started with DMRT treatments.
After just a few treatments,  I began to feel much better. 
I now feel like life is worth living.""

— Kenneth Doyle


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