I told the doctor to send me home to die. Then I started with DMRT treatments. After just a few treatments,
I began to feel much better.
I now feel like life is worth living.
— Kenneth Doyle

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Kenneth's Story

About the same time my Marine corps enlistment was up in ’83, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Throughout the years, my diabetes got progressively worse.  My blood sugar levels became more and more erratic and my activities became continually more restrictive.


I couldn’t feel my legs from the knee down. I was so tired and fatigued all the time, I felt like my life was being robbed a little at a time. I think the best way to describe it is mental anguish.

Kidney Failure

When I went to the Doctor for a broken leg, he told me I was in kidney failure and I needed dialysis.  I told the Doctor I needed to go home and pray about it. I called the doctor and told him I was not going to go on dialysis, I had prayed about it and I was ready to die.

I was told I had about 2 weeks to live.

My Daughter-in Law set up a consultation with the Diabetic Renewal Center.  I didn’t want to go, but because it was free - I agreed to go to make her happy.

When I discussed the treatment, they were friendly and helpful. They weren’t pushy at all, but took their time with us.  They explained everything in terms I could understand.  I decided I would give it a try.   That was almost 2 years ago.

After just a few treatments, I began to feel much better.  I thought maybe this was it. I felt so much better, I decided to get on dialysis.  I think the treatments I got at Diabetic Renewal Center are an answer to my prayers!

I now feel like life is worth living.

I have energy to do the things I want in my life, I feel liberated and I am actually beginning to produce my own urine, not much, but some. One thing I did not expect, but my vision is actually improving. I’ve had to get new glasses that are not as strong.

I would highly recommend, and have recommended getting treatments at the Diabetic Renewal Center to anyone dealing with the effects of Diabetes.

— Kenneth Doyle



“I have been in the DMRT program since January, 2016 and have been helped greatly.  Every type 1 and type 2 needs to look into this.” 

— Ernie nelson
longview, texas


“I didn’t start to feel better until I started at the Diabetic Renewal Center.  I started feeling better about a month after I started the DMRT treatments, and since then it has really helped.”

— johnny french
athens, texas


“It really works!  Fantastic place!  They have friendly staff that treat you like family.”

— Doug Shelton
Tyler, texas


“I was at a point in my life where I was just existing.  Now, I feel like I’ve got something to live for.”

— Julie Kelm
Lindale, Texas